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February 27, 2008



Oh my goodness,Thank you for sharing such a wonderful and inspirational story:-). My heart is truly touched by this..
Have a wonderful day!!

Miss Sandy

Ah, Ms. Pinkie, you are such a sweetheart! What a wonderful and heart touching story! I am so glad you back, I missed hearing from you. Did you scroll down to the post entitled You Make My Day? I hope so because there is a little surprise there for you!!!! Have a happy week!

Natasha Burns

Oh what a beautiful story Denise! From what Sean has said, it sounds like such a kind and caring soul and you touched his life in more ways than you could ever imagine


You Pinkie are a VERY SPECIAL WOMAN. Sean and you are so lucky to have had one another at that appointed time in your lives! Now for you to write these words about your relationship touches and teaches me! Sending you gratitude for being the person you are.


ps the photo above is marvelous!

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