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February 20, 2008



Wow!!! What a treasure trove here!!! But I am not surprised, nor that you are on a roll... yeah Miss Pinkie may faeries kiss you with every find and sorting and blissful space that you create!!!!

Miss Maddie's

Sooooooo many goodies and so little time.What a wonderful place to daydream about the creations that lie ahead.Perhaps that's why you have the bed there? And the stories that each of those treasures from the past could reveal.
xo Susan


oh my!!! what a wonderful stash for creating beautiful things!!! lucky you!!! and now that you found it all...who knows what magic is in store:)

Lisa Johnson

Yummy stuff! Pretty, pretty, pretty! Love the idea to hang the frames on the unfinished wall. Love all of your goodies for crafting.



Let me loose in that candy room with a large, large bag!!!! Oh my!!! Love those rose cards to all ends!! Lori

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh my! What I wouldn't give to spend an hour or two in there. Wow!


So much eye candy - thanks for all the photos. I thought I was the only person who hung frames with nothing inside of them!

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