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September 21, 2007



What an amazing story! Knowing you and knowing your family, I am not the least bit surprized! "Birds of a feather flock together"!!!


I am completely in chills... But like Ulla, I am not at all surprised... magic and miracles follow the three of you... and touch us all. Wow!

Miss Maddie's

How wonderful to have found each other! It could not have been by accident either, it was fate.
We are but the sum of our ancestors, so you have just added another one. Susan

Donna O.

Unbelievably special! This story is just amazing. I loved every single coincidence. Thanks for sharing!!

tongue in cheek

Incredible, she found her girls! Amazing story! A cousin, I cannot wait to hear more when I come home!


What a wonderful thing to happen, I too, found I have an adopted sister, I found her quite accidentally on the internet, and am soooo happy I did. Sure hope you continue to keep in touch with really is a small world, isn't it?


What a wonderful story! So heartwarming to hear something good.


oh, what a fabulous story of God's goodness!! I love this, it is just the best. I am so happy for your family, what an awesome retreat you had!

God is good, all the time.
xo Lidy

Michele Hofer

This is an amazing story, and it is completely true! I am that cousin and found something more valuable that any treasure! During the course of those life changing hours, we spent much time in tears and much time with goose bumps on our skin. Here were 3 women so much like me that it was almost scary! When I entered that room at ladies retreat, I was looking for "my girls", meaning "my girls" from church. What I found instead was "my girls" who are part of my flesh and blood and brought together by the Holy Ghost for such a time as this!

I have very distinctive "family eyes and sweetheart lips" and here were distant family members with those same distinctive features. It was almost chilling! All 9 of my children and all 10 of my grandchildren have those same distinctive features.
Isn't God Amazing???!!!!! What a great gift you are to me!!!! Love~Michele

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I've been reading and enjoying your blog. My mother's family is also from Terceira. My grandfather was the youngest of seven boys. He left the island and moved to New Bedford MA but ended up living in Berkeley. Maybe we're cousins too? LOL Nice to meet You!

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