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September 23, 2007



Knowing your luck, you WILL get the big one! I remember fishing when I was a child too, my brother hated the 'worm part' so I always loaded the bait. I loved looking for worms too, go figure...
Have a great trip!

Miss Maddie's

Whether you catch the big one or not doesn't really matter, does it? It's the fact that you're there in the great outdoors, fresh air, swift moving water and with your brother that makes it great.That chance to be one with nature. Enjoy!!! Susan

annie lockhart

i used to go fishing with my "foxy grandpa"...yes, that's what we called him...and his daddy was "great foxy grandpa"...wonder-filled memories!
lookin' good here on these pages! lovin' the photos. love to all! xo...a

Sweet Remembrance

Did you get the big one? I hope so...
Thanks for posting on my blog. I love to meet new bloggers in blogland!
Your ball gowns are beyond fabulous, love them!
I do sell crowns me if you want one!

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