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November 30, 2007


Miss Maddie's

Ooooh Pinkie how utterly delightful! An invitation to a tea party next to a pink Christmas tree with all those little dollies, I shall have to find something suitable to wear.If there is such a thing as a Pinkaholic it is you!!! I love it.
If you're looking to fulfill your craving more you can check out that other pink tree at
Enjoy you're weekend! xo Susan

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Those are so precious! I love the one in the red stripe dress and the pink polka dot girl. You did a wonderful job fixing them up.


Thank YOU thank YOU for taking me to tea with your Nancy Anne Storybook dolls. I too had a collection of beautiful dolls my neighbor gave me when I was 2 yrs. Remember the polka dot boxes? I BEGGED my mom to play with them, and finally she conceded. I ruin all of them ;-(
SO, it is with great delight and pleasure that I take tea today with your perfectly beautiful maidens drinking around the pink Christmas tea! What a fancy time this is!

Beth Leintz

Love love love the pink tree with all the dollies- they are just precious! What a fun tea party we've had!


the girls look so very sweet in their newly washed their little pink Christmas tree, so very cute:)


Oh, I just love your Nancy Ann Girls! They look wonderful, sweet and festive. Thank you for this lovely party, a bright spot in my day.
xo Lidy


Your tree is GORGEOUS, and your Nancy Ann girls are precious:)


Pinkie Denise:
Beautiful tea party. You the gracious hostess, all the super company of other bloggers and the dolls. It is, for me, like being in a friendly antique store. Amazing, this is my first doll tea party : ) So much life ahead of me!!!
Thank you

Edgar and Edgar

Your Dolls are Lovely.....


Donna O.

SO much to catch up on Denise!!! Your doll collection is...well....I just can't believe how many!!!Amazing! You must have been collecting for years. And all the work to "spiff" up the outfits. You've outdone yourself, for sure. Oh, and I' take lemon AND sugar!!


how very sweet. lots of lovely dolls.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Look how pretty everything looks!!! I just love your little dolly's...they look so sweet all ready for Christmas. :)

karla nathan

I have one of those dolls, dressed in red velvet. You make me think she needs some siblings......


Your nancy annes are so adorable. And they look so well loved and fussed over. It makes me feel guilty for my small shelf of dollies who are rather dusty and unkempt. Maybe I can get them all cleaned up for the holidays too. At least I can dream of it. Thanks for sharing such a sweet tea party with us.


OH my gosh! It was so much fun stopping by to see your lovely blog! The pink tree is so pretty! Thanks for the treat, and as well, thanks for stopping by my place for a visit! Merry Christmas!

pat griffith

Oh my how beautiful.

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