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November 06, 2007


Natasha Burns

Wow look at you in your bed of dolls!!! They're all so lovely and you look so cute in there!


how cute are you and all the dolls...i love this picture...blessings, rebecca


Hi Pinkie Denise:
I must say I agree with Natasha and Rebecca; you are a real doll amongst all of your dolls!!! It is cool "seeing" you as you are so gentle and write such nice posts and e-mails. You look like a porcelain doll.
Peace & Love

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh my gosh, those dolls are adorable!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

...and so are you!


you look just like one of your sweet little dolls!!! i love these pictures, you made me smile this very cold dark morning!!!


Dear Pinkie,
You are a doll among all your beauties!
Congrats on your 50th!!
Can you believe it?



The dolls are so cute! I still have a doll made in 2nd grade with a paper towel body. Dad painted her face, Grandma Martine and Favorite Aunty made her prairie hat, polka dot blouse with lace and purple silk skirt. She(never had a name) is rather tired looking now but gives me the warm and fuzzies every time I see her.


You ladies are so very generous!! PinkieDenise you look like one of your dolls...with your bright smile and sparkling eyes!! The dolls are delightful and you can tell how much love has gone into them. When you feel something so deeply in your heart, it shows!

Nancy Gerber (Atticbabys)

What a wonderful group of lovelies, you included Pretty Pinkie!
Happy 50th post!!!! Such a generous way to celebrate it too!

Flea Market Queen

Look at you with all those lovely dolls!
They are all so wonderful...


Denise!!!! You look so BEAUTIFUL in these photos!!! A doll among dolls!!! I am so excited for you and yours, how wonderful!!!

tongue in cheek

My favorite dolls are you!


The picture of you surrounded by all you dollies is so cute!

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