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November 30, 2007



Always a feast for the eyes! Can't wait to see all the little ladies at tea tomorrow!!!


You my dear, have your work cut out for you! I would love to have tea time with you and the ladies!


i would love to come for tea with you and all of your sweet little girls...

karla nathan

can I come too?


Pinkie Denise:
Oh my, I will be there as fast as my bicycle can get me there : ) I can see my hair blowing in the rain : ) My black trench coat soaked to the bone : ) and my pink crocs burning rubber to hurry up : ) I sound like I should coem flying in on a broom : )
Did I ever tell you my oldest daughter's middle name is Denise? Shana Denise who is 32 and a dream of a daughter.
I never played with nor had any dolls : ) I only sewed clothing for my younger sister's dolls. Now that I am a mature, almost senior, I want to learn to make them : )
You truly have dolls!!! Wow, I am going to ask them all kinds of questions at the tea tomorrow : )
Peace & Love


Just gorgeous, look at those precious clothes drying by the fire:)

Tracy Martinez

Wow, what an amazing collection of dolls. Loved the Tea party.

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