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December 05, 2007


Miss Maddie's

Oh Pinkie, how beautiful! I can see why you want to leave them up just to soak in all their beauty.
I am fond of the ruby opera glasses. Just think of the tales they could tell.A new bride being escorted by her handsome husband to her first showing of the Holiday classic 'The Nutcracker'.In her little reticule she carries these beautiful glasses given to her by her Grandmama to match her rich red velvet gown and to mark this special occasion...My imagination does wander at times. xo Susan


How Yummy, Pink,
And Festiva!!
Makes my eyes and my heart happy.

Out of curiosity, did you get that photo I emailed you?
I've been having some problems with my email.



Oh that so reminds me of Aunty's Christmas decorations when I was a kid! Pinky-your decorating and ornaments are beautious! What time is the Christmas party? :-)


oh my!!! i am just smitten!!! your home looks like the most wonderful place on earth to be for Christmas...everything and i DO mean everything is just gorgeous!!!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Denise...your home looks absolutly stunning! I love the tag from your Mom. It is so gorgeous! I always look at the abandoned homes around me and think...what if??? It is amazing that you have done it and made a wonderful piece of history your home.

Have a wonderful day! Heather

tongue in cheek

Denise!! Oh my! The colors, the sweetness, the collection, the oh my! Dreamy. I can see why you are tempted to leave it out until Easter!

Sweet Remembrance

Denise...Your home is so magical!
I adore all of your Christmas pink decor...


Oh, thank you for sharing. I collect bottle brush trees and little houses. My pink and my aqua trees are my favorite. I see you have them too. Come for a visit and see my collection.


oh i love that reindeer and your vintage ornaments!!! there soo pretty!


Beautiful decorations and a beautiful post - thank you - Rachael - xo


Your pictures bring back so many cherished childhood memories... and only you would have a special Santa with pomegranates... I love it. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and treasures... XO

Deena Warner have the best lil treasures!! I love each one.
your pictures are lovely

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Pinkie! Can I come visit?! I love your decorations and your house must be beautiful. I collect rose plates too. Now I need a Victorian house to display them in. I love visiting your blog!

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