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January 28, 2008


Miss Sandy

Thank you for a touch of Spring! Everywhere I visit in blog land I am hearing the same thing, when is it going to be Spring? We are all growing weary of dreary! Tell little pinkie bird to fly my way and we will play!


i am longing for spring too...i loved your sweet birds and nests post:)

from my cherry heart

Hi D,
I have spring fever too!
We are supposed to get rain tomorrow evening... on top of all the snow we already have!

I enjoyed this post! Gives me a glimpse of hope that spring will be here before we know it!

I too collect abandoned birds nests and found eggs!
Are'nt they fun!!!!

Have a wonderful day,
Hugz, Dolly


Couldn't have been better timed Denise. It snowed this morning and more is forecast for next day or two. Your photos added a ray of sunshine. Hurry up spring!


What an especially lovely post. I just love birds!! :)


What a great spring post! I love the real bird nest and eggs! that is just soo sweet!


Donna O.

That nest is very cool...looks like it's lined in mud. I wonder what sweet bird built it? He's (or she's?) almost as talented as your husband!!


Dear Pinky,
I was trying to leave a message when I had to switch gears SO I'm back to say. Those Robins are So Great. The sweet bebe's.....chirp-chirp . Did you paint their breasts red??? So cleaver. Have a great rest of today. Stay dry!!


Miss Maddie's

Spring must be your favorite season, with all the pretty pastels.Fortunately for you it will arrive much sooner there than here!In the meantime we'll just pretend.
Love all the birdies and houses.Yours is always a Home Tweet Home!!
XO Susan

Sandra Evertson

I Love the Mother bird and her babies tucked in her apron!
Sandra Evertson

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