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February 16, 2008


Alison Gibbs

Oh what a fabulous Swap Gift.
So many treasures.
What fabulous finds from thrifting.


Pinkie, i love your goodies from Priscilla!!! they are truly wonderful:)

and what great thrifting finds!!! wow!!!


Wow you found lots of treasures Denise! I remember those clown dolls. It was the "final exam" in 8th grade home ec. No one enjoyed making those many hemmed circles and adding the drawstrings. The assembly was the fun part. You know you are grown up when school projects you did are referred to as vintage-argh!!!

Natasha Burns

Your valentines swap gifties are gorgeous. WOW you hit the motherload with your goodies at the thrift store! Dresdens at the thrift store???? amazing.... But my fave, I am swooning over the velvet ribbon, especially that green one!

Miss Maddie's

You are such a lucky girl Pinkie! All those goodies will keep you busy.
I adore migrating snow geese. Their honking as they fly overhead is much softer than the Canada goose. A large flock such as your pic shows are beautiful.
Enjoy your church dinner. I bet there will be homebaked pies, yummy!
xo Susan

Flea Market Queen

So glad you like your goodies...
It was a fun swap & you totally spoiled me!
Your thrift goods are fabulous, you def find the best stuff!

purple cucumbers folk art

Hi darling,I so ebjoyed your blog,was just passing threw on a break from my folk art painting.Hope you will come visit,Would you mind if I added you to my favorit places to come visit. ya'lls Jessie


Wow Denise, you have hit a goldmine!! So many girly-girl toys to play with!!! have a blast! Lori


Love that dolly case with all those delicious goodies. Also love your vintage finds:) Rachael


WOW PINKY YOU SCORED!! both your swap and your Thrift shop excursion! I adore seeing your "treasure"!!! Thrifty goodness!


Deena Warner

Oh Denise. The most wonderful lil thing and in that SWEET doll case!! Priscilla did GOOD!!


can't wait to see your new creations too,

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