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April 05, 2008



Oh my have the best and so many lovely vintage fleurs and roses..
I love the creams pic with the dolly body

How do you find so many wonders???

thank you, thank you for sharing your pics.


Goodness! I think now I'll have nothing to show in comparison! So, so very pretty.

jessi nagy

one word WOW!!!
what a collection you have, beautiful!!!
have a great weekend

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Wow!! I have two hats. That's it. You have a whole shop's worth. Thanks for sharing Pinkie. They are gorgeous!

Lili M.

I am so glad that I have finished my post BEFORE I saw this. Wooowweeee what a collection. I love it! I love these colors and I love the way you have made your pictures too. Have a nice weekend and enjoy all attention your hats will get for sure, They deserve it!

Miss Sandy

Pinkie D. I am a bit worried about you with that decapitated doll kneeling among all your beautiful posies! Please give her a head and cover it will some of those wonderful flowers of yours then she could come to Lori's dolly parade on Tuesday! Well, Lori did say not just whole dolls are welcome even doll parts can come but I hope no children attend or there will nightmares for sure! Just kidding ~ love it all!!!


Wow, that was a showcase of big girls toys!!! Happy chair, you've certainly made me happy!!!! Love, Lori


I am in vintage flower have one beautiful collection!

from my cherry heart

Oh what a beautiful collection of millinery and pretty hats!
What fun it would be to come and play dress up at your house!

I have yet to find any millinery flowers in my area! I think you have them all! :-)

Thanks D for showing us more of your pretties!

Hugz, Dolly

P.S. I spyed those wonderful cherries!


Absolutely beautiful! I love the millinery flowers and the lovely hats. Couldn't agree more about pink - it's my signature color! Have a wonderful Sunday.
Kathy@ Mimi's Garden


Wow! You have been a busy bee collecting all these pretty floral beauties! Stunning collection! Thanks for sharing!


What a gorgeous, gorgeous collection! LOVE it!! Blessings... Polly

karla nathan

OK, you win! Your collections are always the best!!! Wow-wow-wow-wow!

Lisa Hessabi

What a lovely (and impressive) collection of flowers you have!! It's the perfect display for me today since we are having a gloomy day here! Have a lovely day!!


Pinkie, there anything you don't have a gorgeous collection of? your hats and millinery are just fantastic and awe inspiring... thanks for showing us your jaw dropping beauties!!! i very much enjoyed seeing them!


I agree with Karla! YOU DEFINITELY WIN!!! Your collection is so amazing, I just keep staring at each photo!!! WOW!!!

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this feast for the eyes Denise, it is just fabulous!


Karen Young

Oh My!!!! what a lovely collection. I love it all.



Ok, Im wiping drool off my face!! LOL!!! Your collection WINS & takes the CAKE!!!! G*O*R*G*E*O*U*S!!!!! Love the music also! :)


Wow! I thought I had a ton of flowers, I think you might just have the very most! :0)
Thanks for playing along!~Cerri xo

Karin (creativechaos)

Absolutely gorgeous!


Your collection is the best for sure! Love it. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures. Amazing!!!


oh gosh, your millinery collection are so lovely!! very beautiful!!

Natasha Burns

oh my goodness your collection is incredible! you have tons and tons of the really GOOD stuff!!!


Wow that was just stunning! I just found your beautiful blog and oohed and ahhhhed my way through this post - thank you for sharing your lovely collection!

Boxwood Cottage

Oh my gosh what a terrific collection! I'm so impressed!
Best wishes from Germany sends

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