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April 12, 2008


Suzanne Duda

OH MY WORD!!!I have never seen such a fabulous collection!!! I have always collected the bright printed floral hankies, but now I will start adding the all white lace ones too...your dolls are beautiful, and what a lovely lasting tribute to your grandmother! Thank you for sharing...xo suzanne

jessi nagy

Holy moly!
you have so many beautiful hankies.
love the hankie dolls.


Great collection. I get mine from yard sales and thrift shops too. Very calming to iron a basket of hankies to perfection. Thanx for sharing!

The Apron Queen

What an amazing collection of hankies. I'm impressed! My vintage hanky apron show & tell is up. Do stop by. I'll even fix you a plate of my Just Peachy Cobbler. :D

For your daily dose of vintage goodness a bit of silliness, stop by Confessions of an Apron Queen, the home of Vintage Thingies Thursdays.


Now THAT is one serious collection! And every one so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing it.


I am now wiping the drool from my chin... :o) ooh... you have the most wonderful collection of hankies! So beautiful I am still in aah. Your dolls are so sweet. Thanks so much for sharing.


Doll clothes! I love that!! Blessings... Polly

Donna O.

I can't believe what I just saw! Such a spectacular collection. But I have to admit, I'm with Mary....the white on white is my favorite.


Love the little angels made with hankies!


Oh WOW!!! That was wonderful!

Karen Young

Wow Denise...What a fantastic collection and what you use them for is wonderful. I love the hankie dolls, the clothes and just everything.

thank you for sharing


Beautiful collection!! You have a ton of them!
I think I like the white ones the very best too!
Thanks so much for playing along!

Lisa B.

Wow! You have a LOT of beautiful hankies!!! The dolls you make are darling!


Wow!! That's an incredible collection! Thanks for sharing...Katie


Wow!! That's an incredible collection! Thanks for sharing...Katie


What a amazing collection, I love the pink ones. I never new there were so much different hankies.
Is it alright if I put your link on my blog.


Your collection is awesome! I would love to just sit and look thru each one!

I spyed your sweet little hanky folders as favorites!!

Have fun and thanks for sharing today!

Clever Karen

Wow! What a stash! And all the cute dolls, so cute!


Wow, beautiful collection! You've definitely inspired me to hunt down more lovely hankies.


Hello! I love your huge collection and especially the story of your dear grandmother. Take care. Di


What a wonderful stash! How do you choose which one to use?? That hankie with the little airplane is such fun. Your first photo with the chair by the window and the red and white wallpaper was just gorgeous.


what an avid hankie collector you are, Beautiful collection. I'm especially Loving your whites, they are so crisp and fresh!


I prefer the white on white hankies too but have all kinds - not nearly as many as you though! I plan to make a few quilts with mine - one of butterflies and one of ladies whose skirts will be from the hankies.

:-) Gina


Denise, Oh my goodness, you sre the hankie Queen!!!! You have The Best collection on the planet!!!! What fun!!! Lori


I'm amazed!! I didn't join in this show and tell because I only have about 5 have enough in your collection for the whole of blogland!!

Love those sweet little angels that you make.

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