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May 18, 2008


Lili M.

Wow this must be vintage linen heaven...please make a second post (and a third, a fourth I wouldn't mind!). Thank you and your mother for sharing!


WOW! Can't wait to read and see more! That's a really amazing collection. I especially love the pillows!

Miss Maddie's

Oh Pinkie thank you so much for the intimate tour of your Mom's beautiful linens.She is a girl after my own heart.
xo Susan


thanks for sharing Pinkie and Mom:) i knew the biggest collection would be here!!! this looks like vintage linen heaven to me, everything is so gorgeous!!! i love the picture of the hallway, it looks delicious!!!


OMG!!! She has the mother load of linens!!! They are just beautiful!!
What a collection!!! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.



Wow, I have never seen a collection quite like that. I have the same blue bird covered dish as your mom. I am glad she likes to iron.


It is just unreal! Never seen such a fabulous collection outside of a display for a magazine. Made me want to just dive in and look in more detail. The few vintage tablecloths and family linens/lace I have pale in comparison to Godmother Mary's collection.


Saw her house in Romantic Homes? I want to come play in it, actually I want to come and live with her, is she adopting??? Rachael:)


Oh my Denise!! I knew you would have an amazing collection of linens on your blog! You Mum is a true 'vintage-girl' it must be such fun to visit.....maybe she could adopt me as well as Rachael?
I particularly love the hallway - it looks so pretty with everything piled up - thankfully, although I am in the UK, I have been able to subscribe to 'Romantic Homes' magazine and have been charmed by your mothers home before!

Have a great week,

Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

Okay, when can I come over???! That was major fun!


The most wonderful collection.. I'd LOVE to go through that cabint!!!
thanks for sharing...Deena

Patricia Eaton

I loved visiting your mother's beautiful! I love to embroider, so these just make me want to stitch. What fun! The sight of that hallway just takes my breath. I love it all and I KNOW I would love her too!!! Tell her THANK YOU for letting me see.....Pat at birdnestontheground


So that's where all the lovely linnen goes when they are on vacation your Mothers house. Thanks for sharing your mums beautiful collection.
Cheers Linda


That's an amazing collection. I want to live there!

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