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May 15, 2008


Alison Gibbs

What wonderful family heirlooms. It is wonderful that your mother is sharing the family history with the grandchildren.
So nice to be able to meet up with the relatives at a fammily gathering.


Hi Pinky,
What a treasure to have family and a history to hold onto! It makes a person strong to have this foundation. Glad you could all be together. Is your family Italian? I know Corey's is Portuguese. Is this how you are connected?

Please tell your mother that the paper doll is a beautiful tribute to Grandmother!
Hope all is well in Pomegranateville!

Donna O.

I loved this post. Isn't is so wonderful to have these, photos, these stories, etc. I know how close your family is and then for you to all get together with your extended family- what a special time.

Maija Lepore

What a wonderful rich history- very cool!!

Christine LeFever

Oh that blue transferware bowl is beautiful. I have a small collection of transferware in blue, red, brown and whatever else I can find.

This is a rich and lovely tribute to your ancestors and it's good to see the present day people.

Your blog is beautiful!!!


Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

You're rich in the most important way! Lovely post...

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