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June 04, 2008


LiLi M.

You have outdone yourself! This is so nice. I'm really anxious too to see what everybody comes up with and all of them together!


Thanks for visiting me, Pinkie! I just finished going thru your WHOLE BLOG! It is so beautiful and has such wonderful and loving articles. How very blessed you are to have such a loving, talented, supportive family.
I also wanted to comment on the post about the Romantic Homes article that you saved, then met the woman who's restaurant it was--I have to tell you--I've saved that article myself, in hopes to maybe one day open an antique store/tea room! I want the tea room to look like that!!
I've been to the "WX" as the dealers call it (the antique market under the freeway)..It's the first Sunday of the month...maybe you could plan in advance and get someone to cover for your class? It's a good one and about the fourth size of Alameda--I didn't even finish that one!!
Anyway, could you email me sometime, please? I'd love to chat more, and I can't access your email..


Your doll theater turned out terrific Pinkie! I can see why you are thinking of the next! Can't wait to see the book of theaters!


Just amazing! I really like that laced ribbon at the top. It's the perfect touch.

Deanna Huggard



oh my goodness!!! that is just!!! i love all the fabrics and trims you used to embellish your beautiful creation!!!


Spiffy! You certainly are creative Denise and your details are amazing.


Wow--I found your wonderful blog through Myrna's at "More Than Heirlooms"--love this piece--it's gorgeous! ~Jann

OMG-= that theatre is breathtaking!!!


Amazing work! All the intricate detail is gorgeous. I wish I could see it in person!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Pinkie, Your theater turned out beautiful! I love it!

Miss Maddie's

It is beautiful Pinkie and will be admired by all.I adore the use of pink (of course) and the trim that you added to the hem of the gowns making each lovely lass more tantalizing.The daylight that peeks through the side panels gives it a natural lighting effect. I love it!
xo Susan


Denise, is just beautiful. I love the fabrics you chose. It is just exquisite. I can't wait to see the next one.


Very beautiful blog. I was given this blog by the writer of the article about Mary Hubbard's house. I fell in love with it in Romantic Homes. Is she your mom? Where can I see more pictures of her house? I've been looking through your blog but I'm not sure if they're your home or her home or what, they're all great. Diane


Oh my goodness
that is lovely!!
What a treasure

I LOVE it!!

annie lockhart

hey's been way too long. this is just exquisite! you have such a gift of seeing the beauty and putting it all together with your sweet touch. i'm missing y' know my doors are always open here! hint...hint! xo and love to all!

Donna O.



Jus so very GORGEOUS! Rachael


Absolutely Beautiful!!!!

Bernice Wagnitz

We don't know each other yet but I had to tell you that it was pure eye candy to visit your blog. Everything is so Victorian, which I love. Your crowns and theatres are fabulous. I've never seen a theatre before. I like that you can have all your beauties out for everyone to see, it's a Victorian wonderland.

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