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June 28, 2008



I am doing the exact same thing as you!
Last weekend, our oldest moved out, so I am turning his old room into my long-awaited studio! We painted it "Paris Pink" and I am having fun getting things moved into there and set up like I've wanted!! :)


Looks great so far! Show more pics when you can--you are such a decorating inspiration to me!!
Hey is your RV 'tricked' out in vintage??

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I love that blue table you are using for a desk! And where did you find that pretty mouse pad?!

Deanna Huggard

All in this post is simply beautiful!!! I just LOVE the granny boots that you found for $4.oo. What a steal. I wish I would come across a pair for that price. The shoes are sweet too. I sooo enjoy your blog. It is so beautiful. I visit you all the time. Blessings

Donna O.

Your 'space' looks just like I would imagine- so you!!! And those black pumps!!?? Divine!!
PS- I'm SO sorry- I thought I had left a comment about the 'tag'. I posted a tag a bit ago as I was tagged earlier- thanks for the 'your it', though!!


What a pretty space! I don't think I could get any work done - I'd just be staring at all of those beautiful things.

Alison Gibbs

Have fun creating your own little piece of heaven


What a romantic blogging corner you have! Love the boots with lace and those rose shoes, oh my, they make my heart faint...
Shall we get together this summer? I can come up and bring goodies to make crowns or paper flowers or ???


Oh pretty pretties! I have no idea how you girls keep the dust and cobwebs away! I get dusty and cobwebby just sitting at my computer! Must be the country air... ok, so that's just my excuse! Lovely lovely mouse mat!


Hi Pinkie - I so love your blog - so much prettiness and inspiration......

Your workroom is coming along beautifully - love the rack with the picture frame hanging from it and all the pretty hats. You table is too gorgeous as well!

I have some Victorian boots, but had to pay a lot more than $4 for them!!! Well done you!

Hope you enjoyed your luncheon!


Just stopping by to wish you and your family Happy 4th of July Pinkie D!


Pinkie!! Ahh such a filling pink post that wet my pink appetite!! Delightful, think I need to nap now, I'm full and pooped today! Lori


I just love your new workroom it looks like a beautiful boutique. Doesn't it make you more inspired to work in a space that reflects what you love? I really dig the granny boots with the ribbon and lace. I can't wait to see your little clothes line done in the doll clothes!!! I love clothes lines with little clothes on them. Well,take care and God bless. Fran.


Hi Denise. The vintage hangers are really nice. Brings back from lovely memories. The computer pictures framed by all the vintage pieces makes a nice contrast. Annie

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