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August 31, 2008


Deanna Huggard

Oh what beautiful goodies you found. I am just sitting here drooling over them especially the boots and the shoes. Oh they are to die for. I would wear the boots in the Fall. I have never seen tapestery boots before, and the wedding shoes are so special. I would display them under glass. Oh you did soooo well in your treasure hunting didn't you? Blessings and Hugs, Deanna


i'm in love with this beautiful antique doll. she's gorgeous.:-)

your blog is truly enchanting.

karla nathan

Amazing pretties! Everyone of them is a treasure.


i can't believe all of the wonderful and pretty things you found!!! i love that sweet dolly and the SHOES...oh my, just gorgeous!!!

Patricia Eaton

You must have had a lot of fun finding all these gorgeous things...I am envious....of the things and all that FUN! Thanks for sharing them. Pat


Love your style and the things you select. I have recently been drawn to vintage shoes its lovely to see the ones that you have found. I agree with you, its so nice when they seem to have a story to tell.....and of course the millinery is devine and looks so special amongst all your other treasures....good times!

Miss Sandy

Oh my stars! I can't believe the things you stumble upon! I would just love to go shopping with you. I must check out the shop!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Wow! You always find the most amazing things! That wooden doll is wonderful!


fabulous finds, particulary love the footwear, boots included and the doll! Rachaelxo


Wow!! You found so many beautiful treasures on your trip!! I love it all!!


Wow!! You found so many beautiful treasures on your trip!! I love it all!!


You brought back lots of lovely souvenirs! Be glad your daughter doesn't like those boots - they're wonderful, and now you don't have to share!

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