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September 16, 2008



OOOOOOH! THANK YOU Denise!! Your displays are so wonderful-and inspired me to make some changes in my little cabinet in my foyer!! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your talents!! You're a sweetie!


I think that was the way I found you, through the Romantic Homes article. I would just love to get into her house and LOOK! The picture of her above with the bows on her pigtails is priceless. Great post.


Oh my gosh so many wonderful treasures here to see in just one post, I'm almost speechless. Just found you on flickr. How great to see that you are a cousin of sweet Corey! Love the picture of your mum as a child, it's adorable!!!
Warmest wishes from Germany sends you
P.S.: I'll bookmark you to come back!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

What a wonderful peek into your mother's cupboard. I can't imagine so many treasures in one place!


Just delicious peeking into that cupboard! Rachaelxo

Miss Maddie's

This in no Mother Hubbard's cupboard.It is filled with beautiful things, each a reflection of the past.
I see we suffer from the same weakness, finding beauty in all that surrounds us.
Welcome back Pinkie, I've missed you!
xo Susan


What nice treasures displayed beautifully! A friend is "borrowing" the front yard for a garage sale Saturday. A lot of the items are little Victorian/vintage things and it is so hard to resist buying them myself.

carrie west

YiKeS!!! Absoulutely beautiful pictures!!! I was transformed to another place for a moment!!

Thank you!!!

Miss Sandy

I am so glad you are home and gave us peek into this amazing cupboard! Your mother looks as if she could have played the part of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz! Hurry and get settled so we can catch up on all your wonderful doings! Happy Weekend!


How sweet of Corey to do that for your mother! Everything is just beautiful!

Michelle Sylvia

Truly an amazing display and you are very talented to have it grouped and photographed so beautifully! Thank You for sharing. It has inspired me!

Welcome back. Looking forward to more visits here.



WOW!!! This is absolutely beautiful!! What treasures!...What is it with us women?? Why do we go head over heals over beautiful things, especially displayed in this fabulous manner?
I wonder...

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