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January 26, 2009



As my mother would say "that was a heap of a lot of work" but wow what a beautiful party. The tables look extraordinary, the guests look happy and I love the cake lifter, silver bowl, candlestick flower creation.

Sweet Remembrance

I love all the tables, they are all lovely!
I used to have teas with a great friend of mine. They were so fun to plan...
She moved away & now I do teas at tea tea!
Take care...

Miss Maddie's

Everything is beautiful and the menu divine.
What a perfect way to bring a breath of spring into a dull wintry day.
I must get Rene's recipe for her scones.
Enjoy your weekend Pinkie.
xo Susan


Everything looks so lovely and congrats on the new business adventure!


What a lovely tea! I love to give tea parties! Especially for showers! I get the impression that they are more common on the East coast than out here, out West. What do you think? {Of course, I don't know where you are. I'm in California.} My first tea encounter was a visit to my step-Mother's, now closed teas house in Whittier {LA area}, about 10 years ago. I could not believe what I was experiencing! I hosted one, post-haste after I returned home. After that my showers could be counted on for wonderful attendance. I have to think my step-Mother's recipes are the reason, because before, I could count on a 1/2 to 2/3 attendace rate. Now, it's usually 100% and , "May I bring a friend? She's never been to a tea." As I read through your blog, I really think I would like you! Thank you so much!

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