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February 01, 2009



Ok the table is beautiful, for a queen. I really like the pink fabric under the magazine....pretty.


Heather {Pretty Petals}

What a beautiful Story Denise... how exciting to get to meet her! I love the sweet corsage she made for you. I hope someday your dream will come true.

I have a very similar dream. :) mine is for a coffee shop...with big comfy slipcovered chairs and tons of romantic books and magazines with a quaint little antique shop attached. :))

xoxoxo Heather


now...i am speachless...dear one! it was a memorable experience for meet you and your family...i'll cherish it forever! our meeting was not an was meant to be...and i can't wait til i return to soak in more love and beauty with my sweet sisters in northern california. i am actually still home right now...just getting ready for artfest...apr 3-6th...thank you sooooo much for all of your kind words...and thoughts/prayers...i feel the love! hugs & love to y'all.

Alison Gibbs

Wow Denise what a fabulous story.
Absolutely incredible!
Take care and thanks for sharing that story with us


Denise, what a wonderful story...i sounds like a truly amazing day filled with friendship and beauty!!!

Denise Fontaine

Hi Pinkie Denise looooove your banner...its Denise from flickr! Wow Breathtaking ...eyecandy!.. I would love to invite everyone this summer for a tea party on my beach! I already invited Susan and Abby from Maine and NH..anyone going to be in NE this summer..just putting word out..Nantasket Beach was first Victorian summer resort in USA.
Plenty of parking! Bring your suntan lotion and beachball! LOL Denise Nantasket Beach!


Gosh, I remember that article and shop, WOW!!! Later, Lori


Oh my goodness! I remember that article so well!! I think my mom still has that issue, too! My mom and I drooled over that pretty shop!! How wonderful that you got to meet her and have her in your home! Sounds like you ladies had such a fun time!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

That is a wonderful story, Denise. Maybe someday I'll be coming to visit you at your restaurant/shop.


Dear Pinky,
THIS story makes me so happy to read! The photo's describe the story well. What I wonder and didn't fully understand: Did Corey know your dream and arrange the meeting?? or was it an amazing coincidence? I most certainly see this dream coming true in your future! I was unable to get the link to work for Annie. I will google her. Wondering where she is in Texas?

If you see Corey, please tell her I'm thinking about her and her family.


I will never ever forget your face when you discovered your Annie... it is one of the most precious experiences I've ever seen, that whole magical weekend... waking up and talking and taking pictures and sharing our dreams... a dream come true, to be with all of you and sweet Annie... XO


Oh, that was always one of my favorite issues/articles as well. Loved all that she did there. How wonderful that you got to meet her and form a friendship.



I just got chills...that's one of my all time favorite articles in all the magazines I've ever stashed away and been unable to part with! My own venture in business was also short lived, due in part to my young children & wrong location. But, I had so much fun decorating my tea tables as inspired by her shop, and have been stashing broken dishes for years in hopes of a wall like that!! How cool for the pages of a magazine to come to life before your eyes!

Patricia Eaton

I have just now read your blog A Song For Annie......and recognized the magazine she was featured in in 1999. I ran to my magazine stash.....and sure enough there it mint condition....and I remembered reading the article. I like it even more NOW. And, I love your blog. Would love to hear more about this story in the future. Thanks for sharing the story and all your beautiful things......Pat at birdnestontheground

Gathering Better Junque

Looks like you are working hard. We are so excited to see you getting ready to open! Your friends across the way!

Miss Sandy

Blessings and success on your new venture! I have that very same issue of Romantic Homes and kept because of the same article!!! How weird is that? Since I live in a neighboring state I hope to visit Annie's someday. How incredible to be inspired by the dream of another and see that dream blossom into reality!

milli wagoner

What a truely, wonderful story! I got chills reading your words, I could just feel the excitement you had in the moment you realized who was visiting you in your home!!! I am so glad you are able to realize your dream, and your shop is going to be so very successful, I just know it!!! I found you through Dede Warren, I did pages for the Vintage Valentine Book too! I love my book, it is such a little treasure. Your blog is so pretty and I will be visiting you again! Nice to meet you.
Milli (sashagirl on flickr)

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