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February 28, 2009



Oh my goodness what a talented mom you have, how fun the sign is perfect! I love her script, that will be a hit in your shop!
Tell Mom Hi,
Hugs, Diane


All of the women in your family are so extremely gifted and creative. The cookies are too pretty to eat-almost! The sign is better looking than one a professional sign painter could have done.


So talented! i'm totally admired your mom creative sense! God just love you so much and gave you a wonderful mom:)

Makes me so envy you *hehe*
I love my mom so much too and all the best to your new shop opening:*


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Beautiful post as always Pinkie. Your mom is truly gifted. Your sign will be beautiful. I still can't get over those cookies though. Did they get eaten??


Your Mom is one of the special ones, my mother was a woman of many talents as well. The cookies are divine. I love voile material it was very popular in the late 1060s.TTFN


Those cookies are unbelieveable! Your moms talent is amazing! It looks like a professional sign painter did it!

Maija Lepore

The cookies are beyond perfection, and the sign is fabulous! I would have selected her first go round!

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