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October 25, 2010


Katsui Jewelry

Pinkie, they are so beautiful! I think Donna and I get a private showing ;-)

I missed the point with your note. I didn't realize you needed a room to stay in on Wednesday. I apologize. Will be so good to see you and I will come bearing a little treat.

I am struggling getting y swaps done. Being sick for seven days really cut into my working time. It is happening now and all will be well!

Can't wait to see you and spend some good time with you!!! Starting with breakfast, right?

P.S. There is a very nice joint jewelry swap done by myself and Robin Thomas (A Nest with a View). We would love to have you come and sign up.

Dawn... The Bohemian

Oh how beautiful these slippers are... you are an amazing Artist!

Dawn... The Bohemian

ugg boot

Really good, a lot of my friends would love this, gonna let them know about it right now. Cheers!

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