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March 10, 2011



oh how fabulous denise... man i wish i would have known bout that event earlier
have fun.....

Katsui Jewelry

You are so lucky! Sometime I want to go to one of Kim's events. It looks like they are so beautifully done, so much attention to detail. She fills up pretty quickly.

We are off to Stanford on Monday. We should know by Wednesday whether or not Jud can have surgery. Surgery is a good thing in his case. Really the only thing that will give him more years. We are both nervous and not our "best selves."

And, of course, I love the little bits of things you have made, Denise. Ever talented!!!

Looks like you and Tabitha became good friends. She is a doll and so talented.

Are you moving your store? I need to go see if I missed anything!


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